Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Hippie Gone Mad giveaway

A quick glimpse of my life before i start my giveaway... Spent the whole week in Barcelona, Madrid and Paris with my pretty girls(from my pretty girls and i photo in one of my posts :) )  .I feel so sleepy today... 8 days til my 20th birthday, i feel so old but lucky you! I've made up my mind and for my second giveaway there is no "one lucky winner", or "two winners" but THREE. Yes I'm the "i will give you 3 chances" kind of person.. So.... crossed your fingers! I also give 2 CK perfumes just because my initials are C.K :))...


1st winner will get 1 marnixH&M scarf, 1 faketattoo by faketattoo.se, 1 DIGNITYcloth tee, and 1 CK shock perfume(you can choose between the for him or for her in case you want to share your prize with your love one...or not *smirk)
2nd Winner: 1 DIGNITYcloth tee and 1 CK shock perfume(1st winner will choose 1 of the perfumes)
3rd Winner: A scarf that i bought from Paris :)
HOW TO WIN THIS GIVEAWAY?? (for the first and second prize you need to own a blog/ chictopia/ lookbook/tumblr/whatiwear/etc acc in order to win)<--- just pick one site of your choice :)
  1.  (1 entry) Make sure you've followed Cindy Karmoko blog via Google Friend Connect AND bloglovin
(if you haven't follow this blog, your entry will not be counted)

2. (1st entry)Leave comment in this post with format:
number of entry,name , email , what CK perfume do you choose(him or her)

3.For extra entry you could:
follow my twitter and TWEET "Join HGM Bday giveaway here!3 prizes for 3 winners #marni #dignitycloth #CK http://hippiegonemad.blogspot.it/2012/04/birthday-giveaway.html  "
(EXTRA  ENTRIES, tweet as much as you want 1 extra comment per tweet!)

or post this giveaway on your blog + why you deserve to win
with the same format + link to your twitter or blog!!

1st entry: Followed you!cindy karmoko, cindykarmoko@hotmail.com,  Her

2nd entry cindy karmoko, cindykarmoko@hotmail.com,Her, posted on my twitter too! 

3rd entry,cindy karmoko, cindykarmoko@hotmail.com,Her, posted on my blog! http://hippiegonemadgiveaway.blogspot.com/2011/11/hippieness-in-me.html

  PLEASE post 1 entry in one comment so if you want to do all of the entries you have to post 2 comments in total for the 1st and blogpost entry THEN you can post UNLIMITED entries for tweets(tweet as much as you want, 1 tweet counts as 1 entry)
The Giveaway is open worldwide until 21 April 2012

Last but not least the first and the second winner will have an obligation to post the Dignitycloth tee in 1 outfit post (blogspot/ chictopia/ lookbook/tumblr/whatiwear/etc<--- pick 1 or 2 or 3 ha!)

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